Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sun Salutations

It may not be as warm as we'd like it this month, but the atypical weather isn't stopping yogis from celebrating the beauty of the sun. This Friday, Free Akron Yoga will be hosting its 4th Annual Summer Solstice Festival at Howe Meadow where participants will perform 108 sun salutations with the rise of the sun.

"It's an opportunity for a very high-energy community of people to come together and celebrate the longest day of the year," says Nancy Holland Myers, co-founder of Free Akron Yoga and co-director of the festival. "The whole idea behind yoga asana is to use breath and use movement to arrive at a quiet meditative state. There's a certain point where it becomes so fluid we literally stop thinking about the to-do list, our iPhones and what happened last Thursday.”

Photo by Litsa Varonis

The gates will open at 5:15 a.m. for visitors to park and register for free with the celebration beginning at 6 a.m. As participants arrive, they will tread down a path lit by luminaria into the field where the festival takes place.

"We hope to circle the entire practice area with luminaria and the effect will be this sweet, kind of cosmic glow," says Myers. "It's going to be magical."

Brian Feltner and The Help will play an acoustic set, creating a peaceful, meditative environment during the practice. Afterward, participants can sample breakfast-related food and drink from Miss Julie's Kitchen and KC Coffee Co.

Nancy Holland Myers
Photo by Lynn Keller Photography

Before the business of summer ensues, Myers encourages people to take a break and head to the picturesque Howe Meadow to welcome the season in peace.

“By doing 108 sun salutes in a beautiful setting like the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, we have that sort of double-dip opportunity to be fully present in our bodies in one of the most beautiful places around."

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Cleveland Desi said...

Don't mean to split hair here but it is Hatha Yoga folks, a subset of Yoga.

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