Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Beyond Popcorn

If you like movies- and most of us do- then you’ll be downtown along with me and thousands of others, as often as possible during the 33rd Cleveland International Film Festival , March 19-29. Among the many films I want to see this year, there are a few that attract me because food plays a supporting or a starring role: Apron Strings, Chefs Special, The Garden, Poly Cultures: Food Where We Live, and HomeGrown: The 21st Century Farm.

And while I know from years past that stuffing myself with images and ideas is truely satisfying, I realize that I will also need more traditional forms of sustenance too- the kind that comes in a bowl, a plate, and a glass. The most practical solution is to visit restaurants that are in and around Tower City. That way I leave the car parked, walk to and from my dining destination- getting a much needed between movie stretch- and do not waste precious time that could be better spent in a darkened theater.

The Festival folk have partnered up with a few places that are offering discounts. Information about those can be found here . I did a little research of my own and came up with some other appetizing deals. Mortons celebrating the start of its 20th year in town is offering specially priced beer, wine, cocktails in lounge along with upscale and make your mouth water $ 5Bar Bites like petite filet mignon sandwiches; and crab, spinach and artichoke dip. Available 5:30-7 pm, and 9 PM to closing, every day, along with the original prime sirloin burger that made them famous 30 years ago for just $15.

At Muse in The Ritz Carlton, there’s a prix fixe Independent Film Industry menu from 5:30-7:30 pm. $28 gets you a salad, dessert and one of four entrees. I’m a fan of Chef Timothy Maxin and so I know the food will be a treat. Lola has $30, three course Happy Hour special too and the prospects for deliciousness are also a sure thing.

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