Wednesday, June 17, 2009


A few days ago I found myself at the far end of Concourse C at Cleveland Hopkins Airport with two long and unexpected hours to spare. On a quest for food, drink, and a way to pass the time I wandered into BanJoe’s CafĂ©, a concession opposite gate C-21. What I discovered was a chocolate lover’s dream. Beyond the predictable box of Ohio State Buckeyes and the familiar European imports- Toblerone, Lindt, and Droste- was a truly amazing display of bars that went way beyond the ordinary. Forget about just satisfying a sweet tooth – here were gourmet flavored mood altering, message bearing, and mission-driven brands.

I could fight global warming with The Climate Change Bar from TerraPass (tips for reducing my carbon footprint included); rejuvenate with Tree Blush’s chili pepper chocolate; and get the lift I need from a Wonder Bar made by Bloomsberry, a New Zealand company with a very entertaining website (if you're traveling with a laptop or Blackberry checking it out helps maintain a positive state of mind when your flight's delayed). Bars of Chocolove XOXOX , with either crystallized ginger or orange peel, come with a love poem inside the wrapper. Playa del Coco Seeds of Change bar is organic and looks like it's gift wrapped. Dolfin’s dark Belgian chocolate is blended with Earl Gray tea, hot masala spices, or pink peppercorns. Chuao Spicy Maya is spiked with chiles and cayenne.
These may be factory produced as opposed to handmade but they are high quality, high cocoa content, and high impact. They’d do very nicely when gifts- for both coming and going- are needed. I know that a few of these bars arriving with a house guest would make me extra warm and welcoming.

Keep this in mind when you next travel the friendly skies. Once you get through security, (or before you leave the gate area after arriving) you can head down to Concourse Chocolate and stock up.

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