Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Stack the Deck In Your Favor

If you worry about gaining weight, do not under any circumstances dine with one of those maddeningly thin people who seem able to eat huge portions of everything and never gain an ounce. If you happen to live with a person who fits this description, it’s essential that you find other settings for contact and conversation. Accept the fact that you will have to give up meeting up at the breakfast, lunch and dinner table. Because according to a recently released study published in Journal of Consumer Research what and how much we eat is influenced by who we eat it with.
Photo courtesy of Barney Taxel, Taxel Image Group

People tend to mirror their dining partner when it comes to food choices and quantity. That makes skinny people with an appetite a danger to the rest of us. Picture this typical scenario. You go out for a meal. Your companion chooses cheese nachos to start, and a burger deluxe with fries. You had planned to order grilled fish with steamed vegetables, no appetizer. The science suggests you and your good intentions are at risk. Chances are high that a “what the hell why not” attititude will take hold and without even thinking about it, you’ll be asking for potato skins fully loaded and a side of onion rings.

Keep this in mind when taking advantage of the The Deck, the latest offer from Cleveland Independents, the association of locally owned restaurants. There are 52 cards in the box, each a $10 gift certificate from a different member restaurant. It costs only $29.95 and cards are good through December 30, 2010. Visit just 10 of the participating places over the course of a year and you’ve saved $70. This is a great deal and would make a terrific gift- I know it would make me happy. Preorder online now- it ships next month. Once you start using The Deck, don’t forget that if you're concerned about putting on the pounds, partner control is critical to portion control.

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