Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Shaq, Betty Sutton, Matt Fish, and 27 more: Our Most Interesting People

Henri Ngolo funds an African orphange. Matt Fish is the restaurateur who opened Melt. Betty Sutton is the congresswoman who authored the Cash For Clunkers bill. Mike Polk unleashed the Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Videos on YouTube. They're all featured in Cleveland Magazine's 2010 Most Interesting People issue, at newsstands this week and now online.

Each of our 30 mini-profile subjects has accomplished something fascinating that caught our attention in the past year. Some, like cover guy Shaq, need no introduction. Others, we would be happy to introduce you to, such as Jason Rohal, 23-year-old designer of an underwater hotel.


alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

so if i've personally met 16 of your most interesting people, i'm automatically interesting by default right?

Erick Trickey said...

Alexa: Hmmm... maybe we should start a contest: Meet all 30 of our MIPs?

Which 16 have you met? (your blog says you're looking for questions to write about)

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