Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cast Your Vote!

The race is on for local gourmet food truck Dim and den Sum. The restaurant on wheels has been nominated as a potential competitor in the Food Network’s new food competition, “The Great Food Truck Race.” If they win, Dim and den Sum (featured in the July issue of Cleveland Magazine) will get $10,000 and the chance to appear on the show’s second season.

“We’re an underdog city in everything that we do,” says co-owner and chef Chris Hodgson. He adds they will be competing against trucks from New York, Chicago and Los Angeles — cities known for their food trucks.“ We do need the support of Cleveland. Cleveland is a very supportive city. When they back something up, we usually win.”

If they win, Hodgson and Jeremy Esterly, the culinary duo behind the only food truck in Cleveland, will use the $10,000 to open a new truck, Noodle Bookoodle. It will feature a gourmet Ramen noodle bar and steam buns.

Voting ends September 10. Vote online or text ft20 to 66789.

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