Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Plated Promises

I am encouraged and you should be too. People filled with energy, faith in themselves and a positive attitude about greater Cleveland invested in the community and the future by opening new restaurants and watering holes in 2010. I’ve written reviews and blogged about quite a few among them:
Washington Place Bistro
Battery Park Wine Bar
Mia Bella
Roseangel (look for my piece in the February issue of Cleveland Magazine)
Chinato interior: photo courtesy of Kevin Reeves

A short but by no means comprehensive list off the top of my head of others that I know about but haven’t covered includes:
Deagans Kitchen and Bar
Istanbul Turkish Grill
One Red Door

There are actually more. I even feel comfortable saying many more. Given the really challenging economic climate of the past couple of years, and how it has affected both access to investment money and how we spend our personal dollars, this is astonishing. I know of a few others in the works for 2011: Rockefeller’s in Cleveland Heights and XYZ Tavern in the Detroit Shoreway neighborhood, both slated to open this month; Dim and Dem Sum-the restaurant, sibling of the truck of the same name in Ohio City, a new and bigger Crop just a few doors away, and Ataturk a block down W.25th Street; Pura Vida, Brandt Evans’ place adjacent to the new Tri-C Culinary Center downtown on Public Square; and Flour, brainchild of Paul Minnillo and Chris DiLisi coming soon to Moreland Hills.

Despite the odds, the difficulties, and the resident naysayers, the entrepreneurs behind these enterprises are investing in northeast Ohio, staying here to ply their trade and their talents. I love them for that, I applaud them. It’s bold, it’s brave, and it is full of hope and promise, an indicator of good things and better days to come.

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michael@lucys said...

Let's hope with all the new and old independents that the consumers wil be found spending like it's 1999 as the song goes. i would add to the world of food the direct farm markets that have been springing up all over like mushrooms,i hope they will see expansive sales this year and truly go home with empty trucks.