Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Let Us Eat Cake

There’s something sweet cooking across the street from our offices, and it smells like Yellowcake. The clothing and accessories line by Project Runway Season 8 contestant Valerie Mayen is opening as a pop-up shop in PlayhouseSquare at 1603 Euclid Ave.

Mayen, one of our 2011 Most Interesting People, says her colorful designs with unique silhouettes and details suit various women: “I’m had soccer moms in Kansas City buy my pieces and Vietnamese fashionistas in New York. I’ve sold to indie retro girls in London and army wives in Kuwait.” And, of course, there’s been no shortage of love from Clevelanders.

The Yellowcake shop is on ice for now as tonight’s looming winter storm has pushed the opening to Friday afternoon. But Mayen let us in for a taste of what she’s serving. Here’s a sample of our favorite items.

Beth’s pick

Fabric pom pom, small: $8 or two for $15, large: $14 or two for $26

I love the color of these fun little (and some not-so-little) outfit embellishers, especially this time of year when we could all use a bright pop in our lives (the two-tone pink and purple is my favorite). Different hardware on the backs of each pom pom means you can opt to clip one in your hair or add one to an outfit or purse for a little extra pizzazz.

Kim’s pick

Hat, $44

I've recently become obsessed with hats. Maybe I've watched too many episodes of Mary Tyler Moore with her iconic hat tossing. I've been on the hunt for a new hat to make that transition into spring, and this one will do the trick.

Carly’s pick

Luxe coat, $288 (marked down from $388 for the pop-up shop)

If you’re like me and see a whole lot of black when you look in your closet, this lightweight pink coat might be just the piece you need to make your look pop. The belted style is Yellowcake’s best-seller and is the first Mayen made for the line. Although the Luxe coat comes in many colors, this pink stands out in the shop and is sure to do so on the street as well.

The Yellowcake shop opening on Friday at 4 p.m. includes appetizers from Bricco, so get there early to snack while you browse. On Saturday, the shop will likely be open noon-10 p.m. Sunday is still up in the air, so call 216-236-4073 to check hours. Downtown Cleveland Alliance has more information about hours, but note: The shop is only open until the 13th, so get your slice of Mayen’s fashions while you can.

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