Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Society Stylist Shares Top 5 Hair Trends:
Slinks into Saks

Colin Lively, a New York City high society stylist, returns to his hometown on Sept. 15 for an appointment-only Dior event at Saks Fifth Avenue at Beachwood Mall. “The Art of the Nude” focuses on the fall trend of invisible, minimalist makeup, with 100 percent of proceeds from the purchase of Dior’s Grege lipstick benefiting Feed the Children.

The former Cleveland celebrity hairstylist and Today’s Headlines owner, Lively left Ohio in 1990 for the bright lights of New York City. Since then, he’s styled Bette Middler, Jane Fonda and Jackie O. But it’s not about the celebrity. “It’s more about their hair follicles,” says Lively.
Lively, who is also a radio host and freelance consultant, started Lively En Mode in 2012. The full-service consultancy provides emerging hair and beauty stylists with the tools to be successful. He also spends a third of his time at Eddy’s On Coventry in Cleveland Heights. “I love what’s going on in Cleveland right now. I’m thinking about coming back permanently,” Lively exclaims. “I’ve been welcomed with open arms back to my home.”

Lively shares his top five fall hair trends, which complement Dior’s simple, glamorous nudes:

1. Chanel bob.Anna Farris has gone from a grungy, B-list celebrity to representing the best of glamour. Her bleach blonde hair combined with the Chanel bob makes my favorite look for fall. This bob is a perfect example of razor cutting and has a classic bob shape with softness to it. The hair color is a perfect example of "less is more." Instead of heavily highlighted hair, Farris has gone to monochromatic blonde. This is one of the easiest styles to care for at home and is perfect for straight to wavy hair. Stay away from bobs that are smooth if hair is curly.”

2. Strong monochromatic and tone-on-tone hair color. “I am happy to say goodbye highlights. Monochromatic is tone color with no variation. And tone-on-tone is when hair has multilevels of the same color – for example, a brunette with varying levels of brunette. The absence of highlights is the big story for trends in hair. [This] is the hottest look since the glamour girls of the big screen, when every one was bigger than life and in Technicolor.”

3. Razor cuts. “The razor has to be in the hand of a really competent hairstylist who uses the razor the way a painter uses his paint brush. Soft, internal layers allow the hair to breathe and be free, [and] no more solid chunks of layers that look like a wedding cake. Hair is wispy on ends – whether it is long or short. The wispy ends create a bounce to long hair and soften harsh lines on short hair."

4. Daring bangs. “The bangs have it this fall, but they go to new lengths. Bangs are short, or bangs are long. Get them well above the eyebrow or well below the eyebrow. Little girl, pixie bangs like Michelle Williams or down to the eyelashes bangs like Rihanna. Wave goodbye to wimpy, feathery bangs. It's all about bold statements this year.”

5. Retro-glam full flowing hair. “This calls for hot rollers or Velcro rollers. Both are fast and easy. [The] best hair for this kind of style is wavy to curly, [but] it’s not good for straight hair. After rollers are taken out, toss your hair upside down and vigorously run your fingers through your hair. Then, toss your hair back and run your fingers through your hair again. Don't brush. Use a very soft spray.”


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