Friday, October 4, 2013

Lola Bistro Pastry Chef Takes to Twitter to Unveil Fall Dessert

Originally it was the the “#prototype” hashtag that caught our attention in Summer Genetti’s tweet. But when we saw what the Lola Bistro pastry chef was working on — a new dessert for the fall menu — we needed to know her inspiration and when we could try it. — Interview by Jon Miller

Cleveland Magazine: The dish looks great; what does it consist of?
Summer Genetti: Goat cheesecake with sweet potato sorbet, whole-wheat shortbread crumbles, poached cranberries, cashews, dates and a red wine caramel sauce drizzle on top.

CM: How did you come up with the dish?
SG: Well, it was originally supposed to be a sweet potato pie, but I thought adding the sorbet into the mix would be something different. We at Lola Bistro aren't ones to lay out a simple slice of cheesecake or pie. We have to put our own twist on it, and this what we came up with.

CM: Do you have a drink recommendation for it?
SG: [Today] we'll be introducing a new cocktail that will consist of apple cider syrup, from Ohio's own Rittman Orchard, and Oyo Vanilla Honey Bean vodka.

CM: Can we expect this on the new menu this season?
SG: Absolutely. Expect this item on our dinner menu this entire fall season, and possibly our winter menu as well.

CM: Are there any other ideas in the works?
SG: I'm always experimenting. We've also just introduced a new sweet potato pierogi with sour cream-based filling, five pieces of spiced candy and raspberry cream drizzled on top.

Follow Genetti on Twitter at @summergenetti. Lola Bistro, 2058 E. 4th St., Cleveland, 216-621-5652,

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