Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Idina Menzel Lets It Go for Summer Tour

Photo by Robin Wong
Idina Menzel is spending her summer melting hearts throughout the world. Spurred by the success of her Academy Award-winning smash “Let it Go” from Frozen, Menzel has played venues from South Korea to New Jersey on a summer tour that hits Blossom Music Center Aug. 21.

“My ability to give an intimate performance is very important to me,” said the 44-year-old Menzel during a press conference. “I’m trying to connect with every single person in that audience.” The Broadway veteran talks Frozen and why you won’t catch her lip-synching.

Q: Do you expect your audiences to be any younger?
Ever since Rent, each defining project and role I’ve been a part of has garnered a very young audience. Between Rent and Wicked and Glee and now Frozen, I’ve always had to navigate around a wide demographic, which is obviously a very lucky thing but can also be tricky. It’s a challenging thing to reconcile.

Q: Were you surprised Frozen had such an impact?
I knew it was a beautiful song when they sent it to me to learn, but I had no idea it would become the kind of phenomenon that it’s become. It’s wonderful to have a song that’s heightened my profile and given me more opportunities. The best thing about it is as much as it speaks to young people, it also speaks to me as a woman and the things I think are important – the idea of not hiding those things that make us really powerful.

Q: Do you feel you have to introduce new generations to what a live performance is?
A: There’s no Auto-Tune happening here. What people hear in a recording is not what’s always going down. Yet live performance is stronger than ever. It’s those beautiful imperfections that make things more interesting. I’m certainly not going to lip synch … when people come to hear you live and see what you really can do, they get it.

By Barry Goodrich

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