Thursday, December 17, 2015

Photos: A Six-Year-Old Boy Saves Christmas in Cleveland

Six-year-old CJ DeJohn was born with half a heart, but on Dec. 17, he showed Cleveland just how big a heart he really has when he became chief of police for a day and solved a crime that saved Christmas.

The Lakewood boy was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, a rare disease which slows or sometimes prevents development of the left side of the heart. The Special Wish Foundation granted him his wish of becoming a police officer for a day, and made his dream come true of wanting to help others.

CJ, dressed in a uniform with a badge and hat, began his crime-fighting journey at Tower City Center where crowds of families and onlookers gathered. The little hero sat on a bench while being serenaded by Mrs. Claus and Tower City's Toy Soldier. Near the end of the performance, Fox 8 News interviewed CJ and the DeJohn family posed for photos before riding off in a colorful train.

CJ and his sister take a ride in Tower City Center
The family then took a pit stop at the new Cleveland 3rd District Police Headquarters to break for lunch, where CJ spoke with his fellow police officers about their "cool belts" and bad guys.

CJ rides on a policeman's motorcycle 
CJ went on a scavenger hunt around the city and found clues that led him to catch the Crump, a Grinch-like criminal, who was trying to destroy Christmas. Along the way, CJ discovered a series of clues that led him to his next destination including a small toy soldier, a key to the city, a basketball, a baseball, and a plush guitar, leading him to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum.

Moondog and CJ bond at the Quicken Loans Arena
CJ's work paid off as he apprehended the elusive, maniacal Crump at the Rock Hall. CJ told the Crump to stop doing bad things. When the Crump asked for forgiveness, CJ gave it to him. The crowd erupted into applause.

The Crump begs forgiveness of CJ, 
CJ saved Christmas and his wish showed everyone what kind of city Cleveland is.

"This gives him a little hope," said Capt. Keith Sulzer. "Everybody's pitched in and I think it's the little things we do that make us a better place. It's a big city but we act like a small city that all these people would come together for this."

The S.W.A.T team and CJ pose for a photo. 

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Anonymous said...

I think that this is soooo Awesome!! This young man for one day got to be a Man and get his Wish!! And if he makes it to adulthood I am sure that he will be a Police Officer!! Thank You Cleveland!!!