Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Local Kay Jewelers Scores with a Tear-jerking Pregame Super Bowl Ad

Big boys do cry.

That was the message of a compelling Kay Jewelers ad aired during the Super Bowl 50 pregame show. The 30-second spot, created by Cleveland’s Stern Advertising, shows NFL Hall of Famers from Cris Carter to Troy Aikman fighting back tears during their induction ceremonies while also showcasing the Hall of Fame rings created by the Akron-based jeweler.

“Emotion plays a big part in Kay’s advertising, but usually from the point of view of a woman receiving a gift,” says Steve Romanenghi, Stern Advertising’s senior vice president and executive creative director. “This spot turned that perception on its head.”

Romanenghi, a lifelong Chicago Bears fan, talked with us about the ad he created with partner Bob Felty, a Cleveland Browns’ season ticket holder.

Q: How did you choose the players who were used in the ad?
A: The players we used were based on how emotional they were during their induction ceremonies. If there was a tear in their eye or a too-choked-up-to-speak moment, they got in the spot.

Q: Why did you use this approach to appeal to male viewers?
Men buy a ton of jewelry for women. Having a spot that guys would take notice of in an unexpected way was a great way to get on their radar one week before Valentines Day.

Q: Which Super Bowl ads got your attention?
I liked the Avocados from Mexico. Scott Baio was a nice touch. I also thought Heinz’s Wiener Stampede was adorable but as an expat Chicagoan, I would never, ever recommend anything that suggests putting ketchup on a hot dog.

By Barry Goodrich

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