Friday, March 18, 2016

A Sea of Green

Not only is St. Patrick's Day a time to play Irish with Emerald Isle flags, face-paint and green brews, but it's also an opportunity to sample some of Cleveland's Irish cuisine. Here are some of the tastiest dishes that will satisfy your inner leprechaun.

The HarpThis West Side hot spot isn’t only known for its iconic view of the skyline but also its irresistible Irish boxty cakes, which are delicious and fluffy potato pancakes. The corned beef boxty ($13) packs in house-prepared brisket with sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and is topped with Russian dressing. Or take your pick from the other wide variety of other flavors including salmon ($16), steak ($15), chicken ($14), veggie ($13), and turkey ($13). 4408 Detroit Ave., Cleveland 216-939-0200,

Mavis Winkles: This premier Irish pub sits in the heart of Twinsburg and has its roots in Ireland. Mavis offers classics such as shepherd’s pie ($8.99 half, $12.99 full) with ground beef slowly cooked with corn, celery, carrots and onions in a rich gravy, topped with garlic mashed potatoes and Parmesan. 8870 Darrow Road, Twinsburg, 330-405-3663,

Winking Lizard Tavern: The Cleveland institution has taken its own spin on the holiday with dishes including the Irish Pizza ($8.79), made up of fresh rye pizza dough topped with corned beef, mustard and Swiss cheese. 811 Huron Rd E, Cleveland, 216-589-0313,

Flat Iron Cafe: 
For 100 years, the Flat Iron Cafe has been one of Cleveland’s go-to Irish hangouts. The Irish Bend burger ($8.99) is smothered in freshly sliced mushrooms, sauteed to perfection and topped with Swiss cheese. If you fancy yourself an Irish jig, stop by from 7-11 p.m. to hear a performance by Donal O'Shaughnessy, who is a self-taught, multicultural musician and has performed throughout the country. 1114 Center St., Cleveland, 216-696-6968,

PJ McIntyre’s Irish Pub: If you're looking for an all-star Irish appetizer, the Irish egg rolls are the one for you. It is your classic Reuben sandwich stuffed in a deep-friend wonton wrapper ($8.99). If you want something heartier, order the Wicked Irishman ($9.99), which is a burger with jalapenos, served with Sriracha ketchup and pepper jack cheese. 17119 Lorain Ave., Cleveland, 216- 941-9311,

Nighttown: This Cleveland Heights staple opened its doors in 1965 and serves a creative Irish take on a Lobster dish. The Famous Dublin Lawyer ($26), served with rice, is sauteed in a mild cayenne butter cream sauce, mushrooms, scallions and one more key ingredient: Irish whiskey. 12383 Cedar Road, Cleveland Heights, 216-795-0550,

Tilted Kilt: This chain eatery with roots in Las Vegas has a spread that will satisfy your drunk cravings for greasy, fried snacks including Irish nachos. The appetizer is a pile of crispy potato chips covered with melted cheese sauce, seasoned ground beef and tomatoes ($8.50). 21 Prospect Ave., Cleveland, 216-771-5458,

Hofbrauhaus Cleveland: Enjoy St. Patrick’s Day with a Bavarian twist. You'll want to start the party here with a special kegs and eggs breakfast, from 8-11 a.m., with offerings such as corned beef hash with sunny-side up eggs ($9.99) and bier-battered pancakes ($9.99). 1550 Chester Ave., Cleveland, 216-621-2337,

Slyman’s Restaurant: Established in 1964, Slyman’s is famous for its corned beef. They go through up to 700 pounds of corned beef daily and get Jewish rye delivered every day from Orlando’s Baking Co. Their tall corned beef sandwich is only $14 and well-worth waiting in line for. 3106 St. Clair Ave., Cleveland, 216-621-3760,

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