Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Marrying a Catholic Priest

In May 2007, we published an Experience about a woman, Linda Marcin, who fell in love with and married a Catholic priest.

We've recently added the ability to comment on articles on ClevelandMagazine.com, and I was surprised to find a note at the end of that story since it was put online before readers could respond publicly.

The reader, who only identified herself as E. Mary, left a pretty powerful message. Here it is:

Linda, I recognized right away that moment when you looked up and saw Phil with that incredible tenderness. I had the same experience with my priest. It was a moment of intense prayer and I have been falling in love with him over the past year and a half and cannot tell anyone. Thank you for your story. Phil, what do you think now about your call to the priesthood? Did you not hear God clearly? Is it possible to serve for a season? Can't God call you to pastor for awhile and then to raise a family? Why do we say that it is all or nothing? A priest in his traditional duties for life? God called me to be a mother and now a social worker...to me there is a season for everything. E.

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