Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pro-LeBron flash mob breaks out at Tower City

In the middle of Tower City at the peak of lunchtime, kids from elementary to high school showed off their moves with spins and kicks. Boys and girls rocking out to the Footloose soundtrack song “Holding Out For a Hero” draw a better crowd than a video of Tim Misny and Gov. Strickland singing to the tune of “We Are the World.” And they might have a better chance at winning over LeBron.

The 200-plus kids are from the Akron and Cleveland Boys and Girls Clubs — organizations LeBron is involved with. Their surprise dance event, a take-off on the phenomenon of “flash mobs,” was organized by Fans For LeBron, a committee of Greater Clevelanders who think the town’s best chance of convincing the Cavs star to re-sign is to support his favorite causes. Their “More Than A Player” billboards and website aim to convince James’ fans to come out for his King For Kids Bike-a-thon August 7 in downtown Akron.

The kids woke up early this morning to learn the choreography from Tracey and Jonathan Webb of Shaker Dance Academy.

“LeBron is a nice person, and I love him to death,” says 16-year-old dancer Phylecia Nixon, who says she watches him play all the time.

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Anonymous said...

That was no flash mob, it was a school activity made to look like a flash mob.

LeBron is worth nothing to this city. If the team had drafted anyone who could even start in the league over the last two years, there wouldn't be a problem. He isn't bringing people in, a contending team is, and that is all they will need to keep the restaurants and bars active downtown.