Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Laura Likes Luna

I believe in bakeries like some people believe in saints and saviors. I need what they provide, and I’m convinced that living a good, happy life depends on their proximity. I am blessed to make my home in Cleveland Heights, a place that has and is close to multiple bakers of fine artisinal breads, pastries, cookies and cakes. Now I can add another to the list: Luna Bakery Café in the Cedar-Fairmount shopping district, just up the hill from University Circle.

The cases are filled with jewel-colored macaroons, crisp fruit filled galettes, trays of scones and plump croissant, sugar cookies almost too pretty to eat, nut bars and cupcakes. There’s an amazing 25-layer crepe cake and an almond meal “Luna” cake that’s so good you’d never believe it’s gluten free. These treats are the work of Bridget Thibeault and her kneading, stirring and whipping staff. Formerly known as Flour Girl, the name of the custom cake business she ran out of her home kitchen, Thibeault partnered with Tatyana Rehn and John Emerman of Stone Oven to launch this shop.

The café side of the operation has been getting lots of attention, and customers, since the place opened in June. In addition to lattes and all manner of beverages hot and cold, they serve prepared-to-order crepes and paninis. But there aren’t many seats here, and thinking of it primarily as a place to eat misses the point. This is first and foremost a high end Euro-style bakery.

They pack up pastries and cookies in bags and utilitarian by-the-dozen boxes or in beribboned gift-ready packages. Show up at dinner with one of these, and you’re sure to be invited back. Thibeault, with the heart and eye of an artist, designs special-occasion cakes, does entire dessert tables for events and caters meetings.

I work at home, alone, so there’s no stopping by for breakfast goodies to bring to the office for my co-workers. But you should. It would definitely boost morale. And I’m thinking my spirits could use a little lift, so I’m putting on my walking shoes and heading to Luna right now to get myself a biscotti. Or two. And some flourless chocolate mini-cakes for tonight’s dessert. I see a very happy husband in my future.

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