Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Get Your Game On

   Tomorrow, Thursday May 23, I launch my new career as game show host. This could be a break through night for me. My co-author Marilou Suszko and I have created a trivia competition based on our vast knowledge about the West Side Market (gathered during the three year process of researching and writing the definitive book on that subject, Cleveland's West Side Market: 100 Years & Still Cooking). We're unveiling it at Sterle's Country House with an event called Market Smarts . If you think you know a thing or two about the place, its history, its vendors- past and present- and the vast array of ethnic foods to be found there, then join us to Test Your West Side Market IQ. Or just come for a good time and the chance to learn the difference between kapusta, krakowska, and kolache.

   Selected  guests will team up to compete. There will be multiple rounds and even audience members get a chance to chime in.We expect much head-scratching, labored thinking, flashes of brilliance, tense tie-breaking moments, expressions of joy, and good sportsmanship from the losers. Even if none of that happens, I feel fairly secure in saying there will be lots of laughs. And beer. Throwing of kielbasa, pierogies and schnitzel is not allowed but eating them is encouraged.

   The show's free. You buy your own food and drink. Come to play or just to watch.  Great prizes from the West Side Market  await the lucky winners. The fun starts at 7PM.
  Marilou has claimed the Don Pardo role. This is my Regis Phlibin-Pat Sajak-Bob Barker moment, my chance to quip like Peter Sagal, vamp like Vanna White and be as clever as Alex Trebek. Be there to cheer us on.

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