Tuesday, May 21, 2013

May Dinner in the Dark is an Amp 150 Homecoming

May’s Dinner in the Dark at Amp 150 featured dishes from Rocco Whalen, Michael Lyons and Matt Danko, pastry chef at The Greenhouse Tavern. But the big reveal was the homecoming of Dean Max, the Florida chef who opened Amp 150 in 2009.

Tempura Soft-Shell Crab

Max brought a little taste of Florida in the form of soft-shell crabs that he dipped in tempura batter and served with pickled vegetables, a puree of local ramps and asparagus, and a spicy Korean-inspired sauce on the side. The tempura batter added a welcomed crunch to the delicate crab and the puree was refreshing along with the pickled vegetables. 

Slow-Roasted Lamb Belly

After a blueberry acai sorbet palette cleanser from Jeff Jarrett, the Amp 150 chef who co-founded Dinner in the Dark, diners were treated Michael Lyons’ dish. He prepared lamb belly that was marinated for two days and then slow roasted and served with pureed sunchokes and a spring salad. 

Rehydrated Rye Bread Cake and Caramelized White Chocolate

Danko’s dessert was a rehydrated rye bread cake, caramelized white chocolate, an amoretti and honey crumble and sweet soy sauce. The rye bread cake was surprisingly moist and the sweetness of the white chocolate was offset by the soy sauce. It was a delectable ending to the evening’s menu.

Nate Fagnilli of Crosswinds Grille and Dan Hawrylak of Amp 150 also served up delicious dishes.

Ticket proceeds from this Dinner in the Dark will go to the Butterfly Memorial Gardens in Stow. For more information, visit their Facebook page.

Keep an eye on Dinner in the Dark's website for information on June’s event.

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