Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Make a Date to Pair Up

There's a lot of fine cheese being produced all around Ohio. Using cow, sheep and goat milk, small mom-and-pop operations are crafting American original versions of Euro-style classics and turning out fresh and aged, hard and soft varieties from funky blues to creamy boucheron and brie. Some have taken home prizes in national competitions. These artisans recently banded together as the Ohio Cheese Guild to promote their products. To that end, and in celebration of other local makers, the guild is hosting The Great Cheese Challenge Nov. 15.

A panel consisting of Sam McNulty, proprietor of Market Garden Brewery and more; Ed Thompkins, wine expert with Heinen’s; and Shannon Welsh, ACS-certified cheese professional from Heinen’s, are running the show. Their task is to guide the audience in a tasting to tease out the best combinations of six Ohio wines, beers and cheeses. Once everyone has found their favorites, there will be hot-out-the-oven-pizza for all along with plenty to drink.

It's happening in Cleveland at Miceli's Dairy on East 90th. This is a fundraiser for the organization and tickets for non-members are $75 per person.

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