Friday, November 7, 2008

Just Add Water

At first look its as thin as a sheet of paper or even one of those Shrinky Dinks you used to play with when you were younger. But just add some water and it becomes a fully functional (and may we say fashionable) vase. Designed in 35 different colors, patterns and shapes, Vazu Flower Vases based in Cleveland, are also fairly inexpensive ($3.99 to $9.99) and can be reused numerous times. If only someone would send us flowers ...

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**Be sure to head over to Room Service in the Detroit Shoreway tonight and tomorrow for its Made in 216 event. 18 local designers will be showcasing everything from furniture to jewelry.


Anonymous said...

I love these Vazu vases. I just got some from at They were much cheaper there ($14 for 3 vases) than at the Vazu web site where it's $8 each.

They make great housewarming gifts!

Anonymous said...

Would like to comment on the comment. Actually the statment that VazuUSA is selling for $8 each and 3 for $14 is misleading. The ones are Tear-off-Top vases and VazuUSA sells those for $4.99 each with FREE SHIPPING. So after shipping, cost is actually LESS.