Friday, January 16, 2009

Lunch On Ice

For some of us here at CM, Luchita's on West 117th is one of our favorite lunch spots — though usually we can only sneak away for special occasions. Today was one of those days and even though it was below zero outside we didn't care. We've been waiting for their tasty salsa and chips and amazing burritos and enchiladas all week — and a little cold weather wasn't going to stop us. We made our way to the restaurant only to let out a loud squeal of disappointment when we got to the door. A sign reading: Closed. No heat. Sorry. We couldn't believe it. But we followed the heater repairman inside anyway. The employees at Luchita's, all bundled up with scarves, took one look at all of us and said we could stay if we wanted — we just might be cold. Though we could see our breath and had to keep our coats on, we opted to stay. And by the time we left, others had followed our lead proving that all people want is some good food — even if they have to use gloves to eat it.

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Flickr photo courtesy of musicgrl23

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