Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Since you're going to be drinking beer anyway...

Samuel Adams sent Cleveland Magazine over two new beers that will be on shelves next month, an Imperial White and an Imperial Stout.

Before I give you my thoughts, some biases to get out of the way: In general, if I'm not drinking a microbrew, I'm drinking Sam Adams. In general, I really like the taste of their beers. I also prefer hefeweizens, anything overly hoppy and I like ales.

The Imperial White is very smooth, and should be drunk out of a glass. I noticed a little yeast sediment in the bottle when I held it up to the light. It had a hint of citrus — maybe orange? — and it goes down too easy considering it has 9 percent alcohol.

Verdict: Definitely a good beer. I'm sure more will end up in my fridge at some point.

The Imperial Stout had me a little nervous. I like some stouts, but they're not what I'm going to order. The beer is not just dark, it is black. The first taste you get is sweet, coffee-like. Then a tiny bit of bitter hits you. I really enjoyed it, which means drinkers who prefer stouts will probably think it was too sweet and not bitter enough.

Verdict: I enjoyed it but not enough to buy.

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