Thursday, July 16, 2009

High Praise, Sloppy Journalism

In my post on 7/8, I wrote about the upcoming Bastille Day fundraiser at Jonathon Sawyer's Greenhouse Tavern and my anxiety about making a dish that would have to share buffet space with food prepared by some of Cleveland's best chefs. To protect myself from embarrassment, I chose not to reveal what I was making for the potluck. So imagine my pleasure when I read an item in yesterday's edition of Scene about the Monday event that gave my stuff a thumbs-up shout out. The only problem is that the reporter, Aaron Mendelsohn, got the facts wrong. After singling out a variety chefs to compliment, he wrote:

But it was Sawyer and his staff that prepared the most memorable dishes: Foie gras, served in sake size cups and spread tastefully across French baguettes, raw oysters, beef carpaccio and pomme frites.

It wasn't foie gras in those little cups, it was a chicken liver and cognac pate, and I made it.

So now that I've set the record straight, I can say thanks for the compliment and hold my head high. For one night I got to run with the big dogs.


Anonymous said...

That's hilarious. Congratulations nonetheless.

Tricia Chaves
Food-Cleveland-Weekly Giveaways

Nikki and Aaron said...

My apologies to you. I was provided the misinformation, as your chicken liver and cognac pate was served side by side with the GHT's offerings, and the chef behind the counter did not identify it as chicken liver. I try to describe everything as accurately as possible, and I apologize for the mistake. Regardless, your dish was delicious, and spread wonderfully over the baguettes. Cheers, AM

Steve Gleydura said...

Laura -- That's awesome. Congrats.