Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Something's Cooking at Ingenuity Fest

A couple of months ago, Matthew Mathlage, chef/owner of Light Bistro contacted me to share some exciting news. He’d been invited to participate in this year’s Ingenuity Fest (July 10-12), the first chef to ever present at the downtown event that spotlights the intersect of art and technology, now in its fifth year. He’s doing what promises to be a very cool cooking demo Friday (July 10) at 6 PM in the VIP area, 1226 Huron at Playhouse Square.

We’ve been emailing back and forth about what he’s planning, and here’s what he had to say last week.

"When approached by the guys at Ingenuity to display "Science in the kitchen," I was thrilled. They pretty much gave me free rein to put together and present whatever I wanted.”

After considering with some big ideas, Mathlage, who's long had a fascination with the transformative powers of what's often called molecular gastronomy, said he decided to go for simple. I suppose you could call it that- given that he’s sticking with one monochromatic dish. He's going for purple, inspired by the 18th century French gourmand and food writer Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin who called it the color of inspiration. But his work of culinary art will take a techno-turn as he toys with the basics of texture, taste, and food-as-usual. It sounds quite complex to me.

“Using five techniques and five ingredients, the dish is lavender infused beets sous vide, blackberry leather, hibiscus liquid gel, and Campari crumble. I’m also creating a signature cocktail for the evening.”

I’m predicting that Mathlage, who regularly prepares some pretty mind blowing food at his Ohio City restaurant, will put on a show that makes jaws drop as well as mouths water.

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