Thursday, May 5, 2011

John Hyduk, Cleveland Magazine contributor, appears in Esquire

"One of the best writers in Cleveland," Esquire calls John Hyduk this month, introducing his essay, "The Loading Dock Manifesto," in its May issue.

"There's work in poetry, and poetry in all work," Hyduk writes in the piece, the story of his life and his job at a beverage distributor near Cleveland.

We've known about Hyduk's talent for a while -- he's a contributor to Cleveland Magazine. So after you read his Esquire piece, we'd like to send you to our archives to read more of his work:

"Born and Bread," February 2010, about his relatives' life on the near West Side and their favorite Italian bakery.

"City of Wonder," August 2009, recalling his years as a feature writer for the Free Times.

"A Zoo Story," April 2008, about his grandfather, who fed lions.

"The Long Goodbye," May 2007, his feature about serial killer Frank Spisak (executed this winter) and his victims.

"The Night Man," March 2007, a visit to a corner store scarred by murder.

"Wild At Heart,"
August 2006, his ode to West 25th Street.

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Anonymous said...

I read John's essay in Esquire this past weekend. Amazing writer that paints a perfect visual. I look forward to reading more by John

Anonymous said...

The Esquire essay was amazing. Very much looking forward to reading more from John.

Anonymous said...

The bull waits, pawing the ground. The matador strides to the center of the ring. The bull lifts its head and says, "So tell me a little about yourself."

Wow. I love this guy's use of the written word. Great choice!

Anonymous said...

I discovered John today after reading his piece in the NYT. It is absolutely great writing. This is one guy who could quit his night job and just keep his day job writing.

Roscoe Born said...

Just read July 14 NYT essay.
Great writing.
Careful with the romanticizing, though.
A little goes a long way.