Monday, June 13, 2011

Bass drums, burgers and bands at Rock Hall's Chef Jam

Burgers were served up on bass drums, vegetarian sushi lined the polished face of a cymbal and a Beatles tribute band belted out "She Loves You" to the dancing crowd. From barbecued duck to fried Twinkies, the Rock Hall's Chef Jam 2011 indulged in the delicacies of Cleveland's best chefs.

Donning wigs, face paint and outfits from generations past, various chefs from Cleveland restaurants dressed up as their favorite musicians. My favorite costume: Melt Bar and Grilled's Matt Fish as Eric Singer of KISS (pictured).

However, I was a little disappointed that Melt was not passing out their famous grilled cheese sandwiches, but fried Twinkies instead. (Twinkies, really?)

For me, Sweet Moses' vanilla bean ice cream, drizzled in bourbon caramel sauce, topped all the dishes in the Rock Hall. Hearing someone list off the soda fountain and treat shop's ten different homemade ice cream flavors was music to my taste buds.

Also present were chefs from B Spot, Deagan's, Pier W, Melange, Greenhouse Tavern and others, including Food Network star Anne Burrell, host of Secrets of a Restaurant Chef, and one very close to naked cowboy from Naked Cowboy Oyster. Proceeds from the charity event supported Ohio City Farm and the Rock Hall's education programs.

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