Thursday, June 9, 2011

First Sip: Market Garden Brewery

As Market Garden Brewery gears up to open the first week of July, owner Sam McNulty invited us over for a sneak peak tasting last night. We sipped five handcrafted beers created by brewmaster Andy Tveekrem, formerly of Dogfish Head. In all, McNulty says there will be about a dozen house-crafted brews offered (10 will be regularly on tap with two to rotate seasonally). Plus expect nods to other local microbreweries such as The Brew Kettle and Thirsty Dog Brewing Co.

If the first five (which included ales, stouts and IPAs) are any indication of what's to come at Market Garden, then we can't wait for the taps to open — not a bad brew was sampled last night. Here are three of our favorites:

Test Market Ale: This is what we caught McNulty drinking last night, and for good reason. It's Market Garden's first brew, amber in color with a malt meets hops feel for a crisp finish.

St. Emeric Stout:
Guinness drinkers (myself included) will love this stout. It's full bodied and dry but without a bitter finish. It goes down velvety smooth.

Wallace Tavern Scotch Ale: Light brown in color, it's got all the makings of a traditional Scotch ale with a malty caramel flavor and a bit of a roasted kick.

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