Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Soho's Got Something to Cluck About

Wednesday nights used to be slow at SoHo Kitchen and Bar in Ohio City. But not anymore. Ever since Chef and owner Nolan Konkoski decided to offer fried to order chicken by the piece and a selection of a la carte sides at a bargain price, you could say customers are flocking in. And no wonder. The build-your-own dinners  offer something for everyone in terms of portion size, combos and price. Plus, everything is really delicious.

 The poultry is all natural and Ohio raised. It comes out of the bubbling oil juicy on the inside with a wonderfully crisped skin and can be ordered mild or spicy. You can get a plate piled with wings ($1.50 each), a bargain breast ($4.50), a duo of drumsticks ($2.50 each) or a trio of thighs ($3.50 each).  The "fixins" available are all $3.50 a portion. The only problem with this arrangement is choosing among smoky mac n'cheese, collards with kick, mashers with bourbon gravy and red-eye cole slaw.

I was in a couple of weeks ago for a late night meet and meal with Heather Haviland. The hard-working chef and owner of Lucky's doesn't get out much so this was her first visit. We paired up our bird bites with jalapeno hush pups, deviled eggs, and yam waffles plus some of the house's heavenly biscuits accompanied by soft sweet butter and fruit preserves. She was wowed by the concept and the food, and coming from an accomplished pro like her that's high praise indeed.  We both left happy and while some of that may be attributed to the small amount of alcohol consumed and a couple of hours of  conversation between friends, credit must also go to the restaurant, the chef, and the simple pleasure of a good meal that doesn't break the bank. And for that, I've got to say, thanks Nolan.

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