Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hit the Road

In the days just before and after the new year media people compile lists-- organizing the past with lists that look back and guessing at the future with forward gazing predictions. There are wrap-ups and round-ups, best and worst of everything lists, catalogs of favorite picks and inventories of dislikes and rejects. I'm not into these rosters. I generally don't pay attention to them and prefer not create lists in my articles unless an editor insists. But having said this, I have to admit that it appears I do have a list of sorts in progress but the focus is on doing not rating. It's in the form of many "notes-to-self," reminding me about all the places to eat- from high end to low, that I've not yet but want to visit. Some are recently opened, others are just new to me, recommended by fellow writers or trustworthy friends. It's literally and figuratively a road map I'll be following in 2013, and you'll likely read about these trips right here in my weekly Wednesday posts.  Remember I'm not endorsing any of them- all are unknowns. I thought readers might want to do the same so I've decided to share. If you've already been to a spot on my itinerary, I'd love to get your impressions. If you haven't, you might want to put it on your own list And of course, I'm open to your suggestions- don't hesitate to tell me about your recommendations.

Here, in no particular order, is my annotated roster of upcoming eating adventures:

-Taki's Greek Kitchen, Avon Lake
 I have a copy of the menu and it features traditional dishes not available any where else in this area plus some really appealing modern interpretations

-Nano Brew, Ohio City
Nano Brew Burger
Can't believe I still  haven't been in yet to eat. I got an afternoon tour of the place right after it opened and I've wanted to have one of their big juicy grass feds beef burgers since I watched them being prepped for that night's service.

-Deagan's Kitchen and Bar, Lakewood
 Well, technically I've been there but not since the esteemed Tim Bando took over the kitchen which makes this a whole new restaurant as far as I'm concerned.

-Press Wine Bar, Tremont
wine on tap and the talented chef Rachel Spieth at the stove

-Barrio, Tremont
  tacos and tequila with outdoor seating (save for summer)

-Cleveland Pickle, Clev
 downtown sandwich shop that people rave about
-Barle Soup & Sandwich, Clev Hghts
  homemade, artisan soups, salads, sandwiches plus they recycle and serve wine

-BRGR9, Warehouse District
 chef created, gourmet version of the old patty

  -Charkha, Clev
 Northern Indian cuisine downtown
-Taste of Kerala, Mayfield Heights
 very authentic South Indian, carry-out only

-Pupuseria La Bendicion, 3685 W. 105th, Clev
Salvadoran, the real deal
-El Arepazo Y Pupuseria, Fairview Park
Salvadoran and Columbian food

-Smoked BBQ, 6088 Mayfield Rd, Mayfield Heights
must try the ribs
-The Rib Cage, Clev Heights
 smoked, saucy and sustainable- sounds perfect

-Cuisine du Cambodge, Clev
 Cambodian food from the original owners of Phnom Penh, a longtime favorite of mine


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