Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Taste of Success

   The restaurant business is tough and most places have a relatively short shelf life. Moxie, a white tablecloth establishment in Beachwood serving creative American food, is the exception to that rule. Busy since the day it opened and typically packed with regulars, Moxie marks its 15th anniversary this month. Owner Brad Friedlander is clearly a smart guy with a keen understanding of what diners want, and his partner Chef Jonathan Bennett is terrifically talented, not to mention one of the nicest human beings you'll ever meet. Together they've managed to buck the odds and arrive at this celebratory moment.
  So the pair and their staff are in a partying mood, and everyone's invited. For three nights, January 24-26, they're bringing back favorites from the past, many from the original opening night menu. Guests can feast on the likes of crab cakes with roasted peppers; lobster ravioli; crispy chicken livers with roasted apples, bacon, spinach and port wine sauce; long bone rib steak with garlic mashed potatoes; herb crusted striped bass with tomato tartar sauce; baked hot chocolate, grilled banana split, and fudge brownie sundae. Better yet, prices on all these dishes and and the rest of the Anniversary Dinner specials, served 6-11 PM, are reduced- more than you'd have paid in 1998 but less than you'd expect to spend in 2013.

  There will be musical entertainment. Perhaps some table hopping by Friedlander and Bennett, providing diners a chance to engage in  hand shaking, back slapping, cheek kissing and other congratulatory behaviors. Reservations are required, 216-831-5599. 

  I've been a Bennett fan from the start, have followed the ascending arc of his career and written about him often. And I'm happy that the husband and I will be there to help kick things off on Thursday evening. We're  guests of the house. Touched and surprised I asked what prompted the generous invitation. The answer was, "You helped us get here and you're part of the story."
   It's a good story, with many chapters yet to come.

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