Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Krivosh Corners

   A new music venue and watering hole came on line in Lakewood a couple of weeks ago. Called Vosh, it's  part of the former Bonne Bell complex of buildings, and is the third neighborhood venture for Mickey Krivosh and his family. The converted warehouse shares a patio, a kitchen and a chef, with Georgetown, the adjacent restaurant formerly known as Three Birds that he bought in 2011, and is across the street from Around the Corner, a popular West Side saloon and cafe he opened almost 40 years ago. With this newest addition to their collection of places to eat drink and socialize, the Krivoshs — dad, mom Patty, and a son, daughter, son-in-law, and cousin — have kind of cornered the market on good times at this end of Detroit, right on the edge of Rocky River.

  The club, spacious and stylish, is a fine example of how to re-purpose urban space and reuse materials. People now sip cocktails and dance in a former truck bay where big semis once pulled up. The long elegant wooden bar and shelves displaying bottles behind it,  a large gas fireplace and mantel, oak trim, doors, and mirrors once graced the Lakewood Country Club. A marquee salvaged from a local movie house that spells out the word Detroit decorates one wall and brings back memories for many. Stools and hi-tops are scattered about the sprawling space and an area of regular tables and chairs takes up a large corner. The floors gleam — an interesting polished and textured surface made with epoxy. There's a stage for the bands that will play every night of the week, a mix of local and national jazz, blues, big band and Motown acts. One of the nicest features of the renovation, to my mind, are the garage door style windows that overlook the lovely Georgetown courtyard.

  Chef Gregg Korney, a talent who was laboring in semi-obscurity out in Olmstead Falls at the now closed Quince, has created an appealing menu of creative snacks plates, salads- among them crispy spiced shrimp with pickled vegetables and chicken and veggie egg rolls, and what he calls "substantials"- larger portions of heartier bar food fare including a blackened fish sandwich and bacon wrapped meatloaf with white Cheddar tater tots.

Shrimp at Georgetown. Photo by Nathan Taxel
He's also revamped the offerings next door. I sampled a few of his dishes and was impressed. Loved a dish of blue foot shrimp, pineapple and paper thin slices of black and watermelon radishes in a cucumber coriander vinaigrette. 

    Mickey invited me to be a guest at a Vosh opening event. There was a crowd, but it didn't seem crowded. The place had a good feel and I think it's destined for success. I know I'd go back on my own dime.And I think the investment he's making in the area, which is also where he grew up and now lives, is worth a round of applause.  Better yet, show support by coming out and enjoying yourself.

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