Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Butcher's Best

Butcher Ed Jesse, courtesy of

In search of lunch last week, I remembered Old World Meats on E. 185th Street, a former favorite that I hadn't been to in years — and I hoped butcher and sausage-maker Ed Jesse hadn't gone out of business.

Cottage hams, courtesy of

I am happy to report Jesse continues to cut roasts and chops, grind beef and smoke his own cottage hams and Cajun tasso. The cases were filled with his stuffed cabbage rolls, meatballs and kielbasa. Briefly distracted from the hole in my stomach, I bought a couple pounds each of fresh slovenian sausage, cevapcici (Eastern European casing-less sausage), double smoked bacon, short ribs and oxtails. There will be good eating ahead in the Taxel house.

It was well past the hour when they offer sandwiches — just two versions these days, meatloaf and sausage — but I begged and the woman behind the counter took pity on me and sent me on my way with a two-inch thick slice of warm meatloaf studded with onions and topped with barbecue sauce, tucked inside a soft hamburger bun. Though I rarely eat in the car, I must confess I wolfed it down before I even put the key in the ignition, and it was heaven.

We live in a world where small, old-fashioned businesses like Old World Meats bite the dust daily, so it's nice to see that some can endure. Even without a website or a facebook page. The only way to learn more, is to go there: 651 East 185th, Cleveland. Call 216-382-1262 for hours. It will be time well spent.


Kay said...

BEST SMOKIES EVER are to be had for a very reasonable price at Old World Meats. THE. BEST. EVER.

Anonymous said...

Laura, any chance of including contact information on the places, such as complete address, phone number, website (if any) and any other information such as days and hours of operation. That would be very helpful. I've never been to Old World Meats and would like to give it a try.