Monday, March 24, 2014

CIFF: A Fond Farewell in "Adieu Paris"

Patrizia Munz could finally see her future. Her first novel is a smash and her French lover Jean-Jacques Dupret is ready to start a family with her. As she relays these joys over a phone call with Jean-Jacques, he crashes his car and soon is deep in a coma. She rushes from Dusseldorf, Germany, to Paris to attend to her love, but is confronted by his cold wife Francoise.

When the decision about Jean-Jacques’ life gets passed to Patrizia’s hands, the free-spirited German must decide whether to hold onto to the 1 percent chance that her lover will survive or pull the plug and face a future alone. She finds solace in a fellow traveler, but her new friendship only reminds her of the life-altering decision she has to make.

Adieu Paris confronts life’s most difficult situations with honest, raw emotions while still embracing a few pockets of laughter. It offers viewers a look at what we are capable of when pushed to the extremes. Moments of utter brokenness result in unlikely friendships and ironic laughter. Although devastating, the film subtlety reminds viewers that a life thrown off course can still be sweet.

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