Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Cleveland Museum of Art Excites with Solstice

Parts of Solstice seem unreal at times. Vibrant patterns flicker across the south side of the 1916 Building like shadows passing through the night. Dancers move across elevated lighted platforms with great strength and dexterity. Partygoers in stacked balloon hats as tall as the top of the stage pulsate through the crowd to the beat of world music.

It's unlike any party you've ever been to  and it's something new each year. 

It’s no wonder why the sixth annual Cleveland Museum of Art gathering, held June 21, has become known as Cleveland’s signature summer party. Solstice is something truly unique  a cutting-edge global music festival held amongst centuries-old masterpieces that are part of one of the world’s most distinguished art collections. 

Photo by Thom Sheridan
This year, more than 6,000 people gathered to welcome summer at the exclusive cultural event. The night began with the glow of evening sun blanketing guests mingling on the terrace sipping drinks and nibbling on gourmet eats as Turkish DJ Arkin Allen spun electronic tunes. As darkness fell, images from Joshua Light Show began to creep across the century-old building, transforming the museum into a club. Crowds moved to music from young tabla artist Suphala, rhythmic Central Asian ensemble Salar System and Turkish composer, bendir player, disc jockey and producer Mercan Dede & Secret Tribe

Solstice raged on inside as DJs, including MisterBradleyP and Awesome Tapes From Africa, manned the atrium stage while colorful images floated across the interior north side of the 1916 Building.

Partygoers were among the first to preview Yoga: The Art of Transformation, which explores yoga’s visual history (special $15 exhibit fee applies during regular hours). More than 100 masterworks of Indian painting and sculpture as well as rare publications, photography and video offer insight into yoga’s practices, popularity and transformation over time. On view through Sept. 7, museum guests can also practice contemporary yoga styles during Sunday yoga classes from June 29 to Aug. 31 for $19 for both the exhibit and class, $12 for just the yoga session and $8 for members.

Photo by Thom Sheridan

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