Thursday, January 29, 2015

Hackathon Makes Wearable Technology Stylish

We are so glued to technology these days that we might as well wear it on our faces, backs and feet.

The second Kent State University Fashion/Tech Hackathon asks about 250 students from 40 colleges to create wearable technology that is as functional as it is stylish. From Jan. 30 to Feb. 1, students can use tools, such as a body scanner and digital textile printers, to craft what might be the next Google Glass or Fitbit. The weekend features lectures and workshops from wearable technology experts in the projected $30 billion industry. Students will compete for a $4,000 prize.

So how do these creations work? We asked last year's second-place winner Madison Kalson and her group, who made the Glow Shirt, a flossy activewear piece for nighttime riders, to break down her  fashion-tech mashup.

Wheel Ways: The arty bicycles on the sleeves double as a reflector. "They are on your sleeves near the bicep part so if your hands are on the handle bars, people can see the bikes on your biceps," says Kalson.

Light Show: If the reflectors aren't enough to grab attention, the bright LED lights sewn to the back will catch the eye. "The blue light can be set to solid, slow blinking or fast blinking," says Kalson.

Color Theory: Most reflective activewear comes in obnoxious neons. So she chose a sleek, fitted black shirt with a calming blue light for a more fashion-forward look. "This isn't something a construction worker would wear," she says.


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