Friday, March 6, 2015

A Boy's Life: Jordan DeMicco

Jordan is a sixth-grader at Harmon Middle School in Aurora. He has two older brothers and four dogs: Coco, Sarah, Boomer and Hershey. He plays football and baseball and is already thinking about college. He’s absolutely certain about going to the Ohio State University. They have a good football team, a good baseball team, they’re really athletic,” he says. “And they have a lot of smart kids there too.”

My best day was probably my birthday, when I went to New York City. I’m into sneakers, so we went sneaker shopping and to this thing called Sneaker Con. It’s a giant sneaker convention. We saw a bunch of shoes worth like $6,000.

I actually have my favorite sneaker. It’s called the Air Jordan White Cement 3. It has this elephant print on the toe and the back. It has a white midsole with a little bit of black and a red inner lining. I like those, mostly how it tells a story of an elephant and Michael Jordan, because he wore those in the dunk show when he won it — from the free-throw line.

My worst day is probably the day that my parents got divorced, three months ago I think. I wasn’t really sure which side I should go on — I wasn’t sure if I should go with my dad or my mom. That’s why it was hard for me. I go with my dad on the weekends and my mom during the other time.

I worry if we’re driving home, Is there going to be a car pulling out and my dad doesn’t see it? Is something going to happen really quick and somebody gets injured? Some people don’t make the right decisions; they can just blank in a second and something could happen. — as told to Sheehan Hannan

[Editor’s Note: As an extension of the “A Boy’s Life” feature in Cleveland Magazine’s March issue, we will be publishing additional boys' stories on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays throughout the month. For all these stories, click on the “A Boy's Life” tag.]


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hi jordan

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how is your day today this fine day?

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hah jordan ur funny this is mickey mouse

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