Friday, May 29, 2015

Hot Off The Press: Carol & John's Comic Book Shop Raffles Autographed Copy of Chuck Palahniuk's 'Fight Club'

David Mack's cover of Fight Club 2, Issue One
Tyler Durden lives! The antagonist of the cult phenomenon Fight Club makes a return this month in the first of an eight-part miniseries written by Chuck Palahniuk. As part of a promotion for Fight Club 2, Issue One ($3.99), Carol & John's Comic Book Shop is throwing a contest that runs until end-of-day Sunday, May 31 — for every copy purchased of the new issue, guests will receive a raffle ticket toward winning an autographed, leather-bound, limited edition printing of the original Fight Club.

Dudas met Palahniuk last year in Portland, Oregon during an annual ComicsPRO meeting where he announced that the first 150 people who contacted him regarding the release of Fight Club 2, Issue One, would receive a copy of the book with a personal signature. When Palahniuk reached out to Dudas a couple of months later and asked who he should make the autograph for, Dudas suggested making it out to Cleveland.

Palahniuk's signed copy of Fight Club is addressed to Cleveland — ''Where Comics are Alive and Thriving!'
Dudas also received three decapitated arms signed by Palahniuk as backup prizes for the raffle. "He kind of knows when to push the envelope," says Dudas.

Set 10 years after the original book ended, Fight Club 2, Issue One, picks up with the narrator who's heavily medicated and living a mundane life as he's now married to Marla – the mother of his child and former unstrung bombshell from the original story. But when Marla messes with his medication, things begin to unravel. "Reading the comic will take you back to the first movie, and it'll make you rethink your perception of the film," says Dudas.

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