Saturday, July 11, 2015

Review and Pics: The "Trainwreck" Premiere Barrels Into Akron

LeBron James hosted the Trainwreck Akron premiere to show off his hometown to the stars
and share the experience with his family, friends and fans lined up outside.

This is how LeBron James hosts a movie premiere: He takes over Regal Cinemas Montrose, plasters the exterior walls with a Trainwreck poster and massive image of his face, and replaces all of the movies in the marquee with the declaration: "I promise I'll never forget where I came from." Plus, he rolls out the red carpet and brings stars Amy Schumer, Bill Hader, Cleveland native Vanessa Bayer and director Judd Apatow. Oh, and it's actually the world premiere (the Manhattan premiere is July 14 and the theatrical release is July 17) of the raunchy rom-com that he plays a significant supporting role in. And LeBron James knows how to show off his city: He took the stars to Swensons for a round of Galley Boy cheeseburgers and banana shakes. Here's our review.
As a high-heeled Amy Schumer slowly descended the movie theater steps for the
screening, she joked, "I'm like an elderly person."
Yes, Trainwreck is a romantic comedy. But it's not quite tied in a bow; it's actually incredibly messy, awkward and undone. And since brazen comedian Amy Schumer wrote the film loosely based on her life, you can expect boldness and several lines to be crossed. The female protagonist, Amy, is unfiltered and unforgiving for being open with her sexuality and not wanting to have the picket fence future being pushed on her. The male love interest, Aaron, played by Bill Hader in his first romantic leading role, isn't your typical bulging muscles Channing Tatum type, instead he's gawky and endearingly sweet.

Tulsa, Oklahoma, native Bill Hader deadpanned the Dillard's
in Akron reminded him of his hometown.
And in place of the typical douchebag wingman, Trainwreck offers Cavaliers star LeBron James — who Schumer wrote into the movie because she claimed he was the only basketball player she knew — as a goofy version of himself and a best friend to Aaron. The scenes with James and Hader are gold as James constantly spouts off-base advice from quoting Kanye West's "Gold Digger" to likening Hader's romantic situation to James' being accepted back to Cleveland — yes, the Cleveland scene made the final cut. And there is a can't-miss game of one-on-one basketball that ends with a chalk toss.

Director Judd Apatow brought his family to the premiere
including (left to right) daughter Maude, actress wife Leslie Mann and daughter Iris.

While the advanced screening crowd couldn't stop laughing (especially with the stars sitting in the same theater), the comedy is actually surprisingly complex and emotional in a candid way, with some even shedding tears at scenes of Amy and her sister (Brie Larson) caring for their ailing dad.

Clevelanders, should see this movie to witness James' hilarious performance, but it's also a great flick for anyone looking for a heartwarming, funny and honest film that depicts a more closer-to-real-life version of an imperfect relationship than we're used to getting from rom coms.

The screening was a homecoming for Cleveland native Vanessa Bayer,
who brought her dad as her date. 

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