Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Cavs Fan Guide: This Cat Loves the Cavs in a Very Special Way

Even when we are down, the booming energy of thousands of fans packing into and around The Q during home and away games in the NBA Finals' Cleveland Cavaliers-Golden State Warriors matchup is difficult to match. But Tina Adkins is content to skip the hoopla and watch her beloved Cavs team with her furry friend, Nala, at home. Adkins tells us why her feline is always her best basketball companion.

"It started with the first game of the season, almost as soon as Ahmaad [Crump] started announced the lineups. Nala came running down the stairs and jumped up on the cable box, and now every single Cavs game, she’s up on that cable box watching the game with me.

My father absolutely loved LeBron James, and I swear my dad’s spirit is in that cat. [LeBron’s] first season back is when my dad was getting really sick. Even when he was laying there dying, that was our thing. I’d head straight from work to the hospital and watch the Cavs game with him, and now the cat watches the Cavs games with me.

She will sit there and stare at that TV the whole time, from tipoff to the end of the fourth quarter. She barely moves. Sometimes she’ll put her paw up on the screen. Or when I start yelling at the TV, she’ll perk up and get really close to the TV.

She’s a very smart cat. She was born last July, so she’s coming up on a year. It was maybe like the seventh or eighth game of the season when I really started to notice it kept happening. And just out of emotion, I was like, OK Dad, I know you’re here with me." — as told to Kevin Stankiewicz

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