Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Cavs Fan Guide: Three Songs of the NBA Finals

The music of a Cavs game can change the mood of the fans and a lift up the entire arena. But when DJ Steph Floss spins at the NBA Finals home games against the Golden State Warriors, June 8 and 10, he wants to catch the ear of the players first. "For the Finals, I try to cater more to the players than I actually do to anyone else, because I feel that they need the extra energy," Floss explains. "The energy that the players put out, the fans will reciprocate." Let's remind the Warriors that this is our Land by turning up the music and jamming out to Floss' three songs of Finals.

"Really Got It" by Jerreau
Floss got hooked on this song back around Christmas time but kept it on the down low until LeBron James recently put it to Instagram. "When LeBron posted the video of him in the car going crazy listening to this song, everyone was like, What is this, What is this? Everybody just fell in love with this song. Great connection. Amazing lyrics. It's a motivational song."

"Summer Sixteen" by Drake
Like Drake, the Cavs are looking for revenge the summer of 2016. "It's very simple," Floss explains. "We are looking for revenge playing the Golden State [Warriors] again this year." Some fans may be upset with Drake, ever since he dissed James and Kyrie Irving on Instagram. But let's let bygones be bygones, especially since Floss fired back plenty of friendly shots at Drake on his own Instagram, and James and Drake settled their dispute with a public hug and a near-kiss on the cheek.

"Trap or Die" by Young Jeezy
 When the Golden State Warriors come to play on our home turf June 8, the Cavs are letting them know who's house it is, true to Young Jeezy's lyrics, "Last time I checked, I am the man on these streets." "People were questioning whether we are that good," Floss says. "But nah, last time I checked, we are the man."

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