Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Serving you up some fist cuisine

The Silver Jews concert is 10 days away, as told in our August issue by writer David Ferrara.

You should be there Friday, August 29 at the Beachland Ballroom, because it is the best band you never heard of. (Click here to buy tickets.)

Here's an excerpt from a way-too-long interview with band leader David Berman, giving insight into his writing process of one of the songs off his new album.

Things like "San Francisco B.C.", there's this line like, "He came at me with some fist cuisine," and it had previously been, "He came at me with all he had." I took that out because I realized "all he had" was a cliché. I thought really quickly "fist cuisine." It was one of the last things I was changing, but now I look at it and I realize if I had one more day, I probably would have changed it to "he served me up some fist cuisine."

In case I sound like a super-fan...I am. And you'll see that in my upcoming blog review of the show.

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