Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Inspiring Opportunity

I’ve been tracking the Bioneers Conference for years. It’s an annual meeting of change leaders, innovative thinkers, community activists and visionaries from the worlds of science, business, government, religion and academia. They come together to explore and share practical, creative, and cutting edge strategies for addressing the most pressing environmental problems of our times and the complex web of social, ethical, and financial challenges integral to them.

This month will be the 19th gathering. As always it’s in California and, as always, I am not able to attend. But I am incredibly excited-and proud- because Cleveland is among a select group of American cities that are hosting simultaneous companion forums October 17-19. The Great Lakes Bioneers program will present keynote speakers via live satellite feeds from the west coast conference, along with locally produced workshops, seminars, and tours that focus on issues and initiatives specific to northeast Ohio. Water is a primary theme this year but food- a subject that is my personal and professional passion- will be part of the discussions. That’s because where it comes from and how it is produced are critical to the long term health of our regional economy, environment, and communities.

All the sessions are open to the public and there’s a complete listing of what’s happening when on the website . Most are downtown at Cleveland State University. You can sign up for single days or the entire 3-day confab. It’s an opportunity to get informed and inspired, connect with like minded people, and find out about the amazing things going on here when it comes to living and working green.

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