Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Updates on some of our favorite people...

Some news from Clevelanders we've written about in the magazine:

The Black Keys are touring the U.S. and Europe with Jessica Lea Mayfield, the artist formerly known as Chittlin', who has released her debut album. (Click here and scroll about halfway down the page for our Jan. 2007 piece on Mayfield as a Most Interesting Person.)

Melinda Urick is joining a local Kurt Vonnegut Reading Society and, in her entertainingly vulgar way, giving women tips on knowing when they're about to get dumped and why they're better off anyway.

Browns Brady Quinn and Joe Thomas appeared at Wednesday's McCain-Palin rally in Strongsville. Quinn praised McCain for enduring adversity as a prisoner of war and for "fighting for what America stands for."

(Caption: Jessica Lea Mayfield performing at the Appalachian Uprising Music Festival in Scottown, Ohio, this June. Image from Flickr.)

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