Friday, April 24, 2009

When Vegetarians Attack ...

It's not that we hate vegetarians, it's just that we know Clevelanders love eating meat so much.

A Google alert, um, alerted as yesterday that the Vegetarians Taste Better blog deemed our May Best Restaurants issue disappointingly light on vegetarian coverage, even proclaiming "Cleveland Magazine hates vegetarians." (At this point, if you're saying, "I didn't even know the May issue was out yet," it's time to subscribe.)

For the record, we did cover meat-free options from VegiTerranean, Lola, Melt, Tommy's and Taza. For a meat-and-potatoes kind of town that's not too bad. (We're also guessing Roxetta hasn't see our vegetarian vs. carnivore face off in the pages of our October 2008 issue. Nevertheless, her blog is good. You should check it out.)

And, in retrospect, maybe we shouldn't have put the vegetarian story directly below a piece in which chef Jonathon Sawyer talks about how delicious baby goats are.

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