Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Do you believe in [censored]? Puff the [censored] Dragon?

In the best PR ploy of the week, Majic 105.7 has abandoned its name for the duration of the Eastern Conference playoffs lest it inspire Dwight Howard or any other of the Orlando (Magic) players.

The Oldies station is calling itself Cavs 105.7 and it will be bleeping out the word in any song that plays.

If I wasn't planning on having Joe Tait on the radio during tonight's game, I'd be listening to some Oldies. I will make sure to turn the channel at halftime — I certainly don't want to listen to Earvin Johnson size up Cleveland.

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TOPolk said...

Somewhere, the lead singers from Pilot, Steppenwolf, and The Police all got really sad at the same time.