Saturday, May 30, 2009

Rating the Suburbs on TV

Fox 8 did a good piece about our Rating the Suburbs issue. Check it out here.

(Sure, they mispronounced my name, but that's probably not the worst thing being said about me & the issue -- which usually raises the ire of some local public officials -- about this time.)

The story raises the question: How can a suburb, like Chagrin Falls, be near the top of the list one year and then fall down the list the next?

The answer is simple: Each year's rankings are based on that year's data. Also, the shades of difference in the Top 20 are pretty small.

As for Chagrin Falls (which ranked #20 overall this year, down from #13 last year), it slipped from #1 in education last year to #2 this year. (Certainly, there's no shame in that.)

Similarly, the town's housing numbers (median home sale price increase) over the last 10 years, while still good, didn't place it as high as last year: 55% last year vs. 30% this year. Still making the top 20 is a great achievement.

What's all this mean? We're blessed in Northeast Ohio with many great places to live and finding what's right for you comes down to what you value most in a town -- that's why we interviewed residents from all 76 suburbs for a personal perspective on each.


Narm said...

I just picked up my issue and can't wait to dive in. What a great resource for people looking to move into the area and are unfamiliar with both the hard facts and warm back stories of each of the 'burbs.

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