Friday, August 28, 2009

Angry Indians

No this isn't a post about the Tribe's disappointing season. It's too late to get angry (besides Andy Marte -- remember him? -- hit a game-winning homer last night on a 3-2 count with two outs in the ninth).

But Forbes recently released its list of Angriest Baseball Players (most ejected since 2000) and there was a decidedly Cleveland feel to the whole thing. Topping -- or should that be blowing his top off -- the list was former Indian Milton Bradley. Remember, Bradley lit Eric Wedge's fuse back in 2004 after not running out a fly ball in spring training. "Game Boy" was barred from training camp after the incident and promptly traded to the Dodgers. News reports at the time said L.A. was hoping the change of scenery would be good for Bradley. Um, no. He was ejected 17 times since 2000, including the 2007 incident in which he tore a knee ligament when his manager (former Indian) Bud Black tossed him to the ground attempting to restrain him.

Other Indian cameos on the Forbes list?

#5 Torii Hunter -- "In 2002, Cleveland Indians' pitcher Danys Baez hit Hunter with a pitch; Hunter picked up the ball and zinged it right back at him."

#3 Gary Sheffield -- "As a member of the Detroit Tigers last year, he felt that Cleveland Indians' pitcher Fausto Carmona was throwing at him. After Carmona walked him, Sheffield trotted to first base, then made a bee-line for the mound, inciting a melee and eventually getting tossed."

Still, I'll take Albert Belle against the field — or a photographer or a locker room thermostat or ... you get the angry, scowling picture -- any day of the week in the category of all-time angriest.

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