Saturday, August 1, 2009

We're Winners!

Don't you feel like a winner?

Cliff Lee pitched a complete game four-hitter in his Philadelphia debut. In fact, Lee had half as many hits at the plate as he gave up.

And when my 11-year-old heard about the trade of Victor Martinez, the team's leader, he asked, "Are they just selling the team?" Silly boy, no they're just selling us out.

But the experts say the Indians were trade deadline winners.

ESPN's Jayson Stark said: "But of the teams that spent July selling off, nobody reeled in the quality haul of prospects the Indians did."
Buck Showalter agrees. (Hey Buck, how'd you like to manage this team next year if you like 'em so much?)

At least now I understand why Eric Wedge wasn't fired earlier in the year ... he's got a dugout seat to watch these "winners" for the rest of the season.

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Narm said...

Don't blame the Indians for being part of a flawed system. The reality of the situation is that we weren't going to win the next two years so we had to maximize our best assets for future gain. Take a look at our expected rosters for 2011-2012 and try not to get excited.

Would you rather have had both of these guys walk away and get nothing in return? The team is losing money - even after Dolan spent an additional $18 million out of his pocket to make them competitive this year. Rather than hemorrhaging money and losing - let's sacrifice a year or two and come back stronger and able to compete.