Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dan's the Man

Cleveland Magazine editor Steve Gleydura sat down with Dan Gilbert to talk Cavs, casinos and more during today's Corporate Club luncheon at Executive Caterers at Landerhaven. Gilbert, who explained his team's approach to everything from crafting a casino proposal to expanding the Cavs marketing potential in China, had the crowd laughing and learning from his experiences. Here's a few highlights:

On yesterday's trade for Antawn Jamison:
"Trading rumors are almost completely true."

On the controversy of removing water fountains from the Q:
"Bottled water sales are up. Without sales of bottle water, trades like this don't happen."
(Note: Gilbert drink of choice throughout the event? A bottle of water.)

"We are feeling better about our overall water policy at this point."

On the casino:
"We hope to have a shovel in the ground this calendar year. By 2013 we could be up and running."

On the negative comments about him during the casino campaign:
"Three things always come out: the sun, the moon and the truth."

On winning an NBA championship:
"Basketball at the end of the day is a ball and that ball can bounce the wrong way."

"All that we can do as an organization is put people in the right places."

"When you have LeBron James, Shaq and Antawn things look pretty good."

On doing whatever he can to keep LeBron in Cleveland:
"We are doing everything we can to make our organization great regardless of who's here. LeBron will be attracted to it. Period."

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